Park am Nordbahnhof

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When you leave Nordbahnhof station on the S-Bahn lines, your attention is immediately drawn to the building of the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer and to Beachmitte, where you can do some climbing or play beachvolley. But tucked in between is a small, hidden park.

Just as with the Park am Gleisdreieck this is a former railway complex that got into disuse, partially because a part of the wall was erected here. A small piece of no man’s land in the heart of the city, which becomes ever more dense, is that possible? Yes, because Berliners love their space and thus their parks, that’s why in 2009 they created the Park am Nordbahnhof, away from the frenzy of the Mauerpark and the Gedenkstätte, to be able to catch some breath and to enjoy the sun.

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