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The Olympiastadion will be eternally connected to Adolf Hitler, who tore down the Deutsches Stadion to erect a new and bigger version as a piece of propaganda for the 1936 Olympic Games. The stadium was originally planned for 100.000 visitors, nowadays there are around 75.000 seats.

The road from the parking lot to the stadium is one-of-its kind. The geometrical columns on the outside, the new roof built for the 2006 World Cup, it’s all impressive and grand. The stadium is mainly sunk into the ground: the outside is not as high as the inside. Football club Hertha BSC plays its home matches here. It’s fairly easy to get tickets, except against the top teams.

There is also a lot of criticism on the Olympiastadion: the athletics track around the pitch makes for a lack of atmosphere during football games. It’s also a venue for huge open air concerts: Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Madonna performed in recent years.


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