FDJ Kaderschmiede

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The history of this beautiful location at the Bodensee, 30 kilometres north of Berlin, is fascinating. Joseph Goebbels, minister for propaganda for the NSDAP, started living in a villa here in the 1930s. He expanded the building with, amongst others, a private cinema room to meet movie stars and many guest rooms.

After the war the temporary quarters a bit further down the same premises were confiscated by the SED, the ruling party in the DDR days, and rebuilt into the educational  institute (FDJ Kaderschmiede) for the party leaders of the future. The architect was the same one as in the Karl Marx Allee in Berlin. The buildings in Sugarloaf-style are still waiting for a new user, as a hotel there went bankrupt. The buildings are, unfortunately for urban explorers, locked very well, but the beautiful scenery itself is already worth a visit.

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